Moderne Sprachen

Moderne Sprachen (MSp) is an Austrian academic journal and the official organ of the Verband der österreichischen NeuphilologInnen (VÖN), VOeN (Austrian Association of Modern Language Philologists). The association’s members include university lecturers as well as foreign language teachers of all different school types. Founded in 1957, the journal is intended to inform its readership about current issues and new developments in the areas of linguistics, cultural and literary studies as well as foreign language teaching. The authors contributing articles to the magazine are proven experts in their field. Both editors and members of the advisory board ensure that topics are presented and formulated in a way easily understandable and accessible also to non-experts. A major part of the articles and reviews published are concerned with topics related to the languages taught at Austrian schools. However, it is a particular concern of MSp to regularly draw attention to less widespread languages. The articles are published in German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Every article is preceded by an abstract in English; English-language articles are summarised in German.

Twice a year, members of the Austrian Association of Modern Language Philologists receive the journal, which is sent to them immediately after publication.